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Planet M.U.L.E.

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MD5: 23bc5cf7299b5e5f3670726427fc215c
For Mac OS X
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The legendary 8-bit Atari home computer game, rewritten but faithfully modified in ways. Began as freeware in 2009, latest version is 1.3.6 made in 2013 still freeware. Download the Mac game app at - the file for download here is an older (ca.2010) version for archival.

I find the app won't Quit from the menubar nor cmd-Q however clicking the red circle at window top-left does Quit.

The in-game "Training Mode" best replicates the original game's one player vs three computer-controlled robots (aka mechtrons). It can also do shorter 6 & 9 not just 12 round games, can do one player vs 0-2 robots, and no players just all 4 robots, all things the original game did not do. Two, three, and four human player games appear to require the network oriented "Tournament Mode" - not to be confused with the original game's tournament mode which was the highest level of difficulty. In Planet M.U.L.E. every flavor of game uses the tournament rules no less.

Lastly, its a minor mystery how to literally start the game. You need to press the 'action button' which defaults to your Space Bar.

Architecture: PPC x86 (Intel:Mac)

Latest version 1.3.6 is a Universal Binary Java app which has tested runs in OS X Tiger 10.4 as long as Java has been updated to version "2SE50 Release 4" (Java update March-April 2006 requires OS X 10.4.5) ~ OS X Leopard 10.5 and higher versions of Tiger 10.4.x don't need Java updated.


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by SkyCapt - 2019, February 7 - 6:55am

Or, play the original Atari version in an emulator.
It was also made for the Commodore 64 but even in the C64 version, the planet you are standing on is named Irata - Atari spelled backwards.