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Pink Gear 2 (ピンク・ギア2)

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Pink_Gear_2_Win32-Mac_CD1.iso_.sit (460.75 MB)
MD5: f676084e4fff1dec74656f3df9e411e4
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Pink_Gear_2_-_CD2.iso_.sit (363.86 MB)
MD5: f26198013c51fe5b154dcb64d5a36946
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Pink_Gear_2_-_CD3.iso_.sit (528.83 MB)
MD5: d0456bf7bf054efe58d14d626ea1a84a
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Pink_Gear_2_-_CD4.iso_.sit (454.47 MB)
MD5: e194e429837869fc68f010de6d7cd073
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Pink Gear 2 (ピンク・ギア2)
The second instalment of Japanese adventure game where the player explores 4 extensive areas to get back to the real world. Featuring a total of more than 12 billion polygons, it has a dense 3D space. The opening scene of more than 2 million blocks were stacked. The CD has the equivalent to the high quality sound of 44.1KHz. There are unified colors for each area, and beautiful graphics. There are a variety of tricks all over the place. Mysteries and mysteries are intertwined. Kimi Lost of "PINK GEAR" is in the beautiful fantasy world forever. Are you able to solve the mystery and come back to the real world? Will you be have enough to reach the final level and possess its intelligence? (Adventure Legends)

These are hybrid Mac/PC disc images, compressed with StuffIt 5.5

See also the first instalment: Pink Gear Collection

Architecture: PPC x86 (Windows)