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For System 6.x
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For System 6.x
This game works with: Mini vMac

Pararena is an action computer game for the Apple Macintosh computer originally written in 1990 by John Calhoun and released as shareware. It is a mouse-controlled ball game where two players compete on hoverboards in a parabolic arena with two "goals" on the sides. The objective is to gain scores by getting the ball into the other player's goal and, on the other hand, to protect one's own goal. The ball can be held for a while by squatting on it (holding the mouse button down) and then thrown to the current direction. If a player is tossed out of the arena still holding the ball, the opponent will get a score and the player will respawn in a few seconds.

In 1992, in association with Casady & Greene, Calhoun wrote version 2.0 of Pararena which had 16 color graphics and was then a commercial product.

Please see a video of Pararena in action from The Vintage Mac Museum.

As a text adventure fan I become really picky when it comes to 'quick' games but Pararena is a masterpiece! I played this game for several years until (10 years ago) I got a PC. I have played very few Mac games since but now, with vMac/Basillisk and acintosh Garden, I am restoring my old collection! Pararena has been, so far, the game that I enjoyed playing the most, especially because the technique is still there, just like riding a bike! (I'd surey enjoy Enchanted Scepters more but I don't want to spend 4 more months with it again!!) Anyway the best of all still are the memories of playing these games for the first time on a SE30, as most of you probably understand. Finally, I find it quite artisitic the way the author creates the game atmosphere; not a very common feature on most games. - BigManel

Added a zipped IMG for use with emulators as second DL.

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