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The Great International Paper Airplane Construction Kit

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paper_airplane_construction.sit (110.66 KB)
For System 1 - 5 - Mac OS X
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The PACK is a collection of paper airplane templates in MacPaint format that can be decorated, printed out, and then folded.

The collection includes 12 blank airplane template files, 3 decoration files, and 3 pre-decorated airplanes. The decoration files are pages of various clip art markings, pilots, nose art, wings, tails, and weapons that can be copied and pasted into the blank templates to create custom paper airplanes.

The sit file contains a loose folder of the MacPaint files and may not be complete.
***This is not a program or a game application. Just a collection of MacPaint files.***

OS X users can open the MacPaint files with the "Preview" application and then save them as tiffs or jpgs for use in other graphic programs.

Architecture: 68k PPC x86 (Intel)