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Paddington: World Mystery Tour

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For Mac OS 8.5 - 8.6 - Mac OS 9
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For Mac OS 8.5 - 8.6 - Mac OS 9
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Aunt Lucy is about to celebrate her 100th birthday. Paddington and his friend Mr Gruber decide to go and visit her in Peru. When they arrive in Lima, they discover that Aunt Lucy has mysteriously disappeared! They decide to follow her all around the world. In each country, as Paddington attempts to find her, it leads him on to exciting new adventures.

With short episodes that can be played separately, children will learn geography, collect items and make plenty of activities such as driving a motor scooter in Rome, sailing in Australia, roller-blading in Central Park in New York, and mixing colour to copy paintings in the Louvre in Paris!
For parents who grew up with Paddington Bear it may be a bit of a shock to see him coming around again for a new generation, but brace yourselves--Paddington The World Mystery Tour CD-ROM makes him a multimedia personality, in an educational adventure game suitable for children aged four years and up.

From Amazon:

Paddington has gone to Peru to visit Aunt Lucy who is turning 100 years old. When he gets there he finds she has gone missing, and he sets out to locate her. He has to travel the world in his search, learning as he goes. Paddington is armed with several tools to help, including a camera to take pictures (which are then stored in a photo album) and a magnifying glass, which is handy for finding clues. Mr Gruber, his friend from the original TV series and books, accompanies him and provides hints and advice, but ultimately it is up to you to solve each of the puzzles in this linear adventure.

In places the game is rather too complex and difficult for children aged four to play alone--a parent definitely needs to be on hand. The first task, for example, is to locate a major city on a world map. Some of the game controls are a little odd as well--you need to choose the marmalade jar from the inventory to change the game settings for example. Still, Paddington The World Mystery Tour is a neatly produced CD-ROM, and you don't see many linear adventures for very young users.

A note about the downloads available from above:

  1. file is the English version (Mac partition only), as a Stuffit v5.5 compessed Toast image.
  2. file is the German hybrid PC/Mac version Buy links:
Paddington The World Mystery Tour (Arxel Tribe, PC/Mac)
Paddington: The World Mystery Tour (Jewel Case) - PC (The Learning Company, Windows 98/ME only) Buy links:
Paddington The World Mystery Tour (Mindscape, Mac/Windows)
Paddington's World Mystery Tour: PFC068/D (Focus Multimedia Ltd, PC, 2006) Buy links:
Paddington The World Mystery Tour (Arxel Tribe, PC/Mac)
Paddington's World Mystery Tour: PFC068/D (Focus Multimedia Ltd, PC, 2006) Buy links:
Le voyage autour du monde de paddington. (Mindscape, Windows only)
Le voyage autour du monde de Paddington (Mindscape, PC/Mac) Buy links:
PC Fun Club: Paddington's World Mystery Tour (PC) (Focus Multimedia Ltd, PC, 2006)
Paddingtons Reise um die Welt (Mindscape, PC/Mac)
Paddington, 5 ans et + ("Le voyage autour du monde de Paddington", PC/Mac)
Paddington The World Mystery Tour (Mindscape, PC/Mac)
Le voyage autour du monde de paddington. (Windows only)

Architecture: PPC

System requirements Mac:

System reqirements PC: (For now, German upload only)
Pentium II with 400 MHz, Windows 95..XP

Common requirements:

Turn off AutoPlay on your CD/DVD drive.
The installer has issues running under Classic (on OSX 10.3.9) - but it runs fine in OS9 (and in SheepShaver OS8.6 albeit very, VERY slowly even on my Mac Pro).
Plays under SheepShaver, but you get NO QuickTime video at all, which sort of ruins the game for the young ones.
Once the game has installed - either under OS8.6 / 9.x or Sheepshaver - you can run it under Classic fine, with all the video.
Copy the data and xtras folder from the CD to the Paddington folder so you can play without the CD, if you want.
On startup, it asks you where a particular video file is, if you select the file on the CD, it'll play from the CD, if you select the file you copied to the game dir (in data/videos), it'll play from the hard drive. It only asks you once, then sets a pref, so choose carefully.

My (3yo) son loves it.


IIGS_User's picture
by IIGS_User - 2015, August 2 - 6:46am

To run into the German version of this game:

"Gebe deinen Namen auf der Tastatur ein und drücke dann auf die ENTER-Taste" means "Enter your name and press the Enter key."

Next question: "Wähle ein Symbol (Spiel-Symbol)"

Third question: "Wähle deinen Abenteuer-Modus:" ("Kurz" - "short", "Wahllose Reise" - "Random Yourney", "Lange Reise" - "Long Yourney")

Whenever I try to run the German version within Sheep, Sheep quits unexpectedly.

mrdav's picture
by mrdav - 2014, February 27 - 10:11pm

Reuploaded this. However the new upload is mac only. I think this is supposed to be a hybrid CD

TataMisia's picture
by TataMisia - 2010, May 11 - 10:57am