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NetTrek (aka NetTrek: The Real Version)

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This game works with: Basilisk II,

Up to six networked players battle for control of the galaxy.

DL #1 contains version 3.0 (1989) in a folder, which was published as NetTrek: The Real Version.

DL #2 contains what I believe is an image (Disk Copy 4.2) of an original game disk for version 3.0 .

DL #3 contains NetTrek 2.0 (1987), which was distributed as shareware. Version 1.x comprised two prototypes, dated 30 October 1986 and 13 December 1986, which were leaked by testers; these have yet to resurface.

A later version, 3.51d, is hosted under E-Maculation's System 6 Hell.

The author's website has a brief history of the game.

Architecture: 68k


fatlion's picture
by fatlion - 2017, March 9 - 11:44pm

Hi Marcio, I don't think NetTrek 2.0 (the one that's out there in VCM) won't start w/o proper AppleTalk traps set. I think the emulator didn't set those, so the game dies during startup. I made the mistake of being too harsh when starting the game... Too bad, as I'd like to play it myself (especially since I wrote the code). [I don't have a working Mac of that era anymore. Sad ]

marciot's picture
by marciot - 2016, August 22 - 1:36am


NetTrek is now playable in full-multi player mode through in-browser emulation at the RetroWeb Vintage Computer Museum.


-- Marcio

WhosIt.There's picture
by WhosIt.There - 2016, February 14 - 2:31am

There's also Netrek Nexus if you want a version for newer computers (OS X, Windows, and Linux).

WhosIt.There's picture
by WhosIt.There - 2016, February 2 - 4:25am

We used to play this on the Macs in one of the small computer rooms in the university's engineering school. Smile We would get kicked out after a while because we were computer science students, not engineering students (unfortunately the main computer science Mac computer room was too big and busy to play games in easily).

There's a similar(ish) one-player game called Rescue! for when you've got no network / mates to play with.

devils_advisor's picture
by devils_advisor - 2015, September 16 - 5:05pm

You kinda answered your question. You need a serial for each machine. It simply refuses to work with the same serial number more than twice in the same network.

wallofmacs's picture
by wallofmacs - 2015, September 16 - 4:49pm

Hey there all, I was trying to get this working on a PhoneNet LAN with 6 compact 68K machines on it, but found that in version 3.5d1 I could not add more than four machines connected.

This was a little odd, because the error message that NetTrek gives is: "No more then two copies of NetTrek with the same serial number can connect."

Does anyone have any insight into why this might be occurring? Maybe I need to switch to version 3.0, or maybe there is not much I can do, given I have never seen an "unregistered" copy.


NucAr's picture
by NucAr - 2014, April 4 - 1:44pm

Is there a way to get sound working in Basilisk II?

themacmeister's picture
by themacmeister - 2011, March 20 - 8:01am

I never played this in colour, it is (in my opinion) one of the best multiplayer games ever!

Even played this on Mac Plus/SE back in 1988, on PhoneTalk (worst networking ever, with termination required). Still, this played smoothly, and never skipped a beat, even with a 6 player network game!