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Mormonoids 1.25

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Mormonoids.img_.sit (849.48 KB)
MD5: b62224bcd864bc219da08fddc5e001c9
For System 6.x
This game works with: Mini vMac

Mormonoids From The Deep 1.25

Description: Armed only with a Colt .45, a suitcase nuke, one sixpack, and a car that's out of gas. You must destroy the evil YogSogSmith and rescue Unwholesome Olson without being killed, converted, or sobering up. The townsfolk include the Angel Moroni, the Holy Ghost, little Molly Mormon, and Kinky Marie (Marie Osmond's psychotic twin sister)

Among the scenes contained in Mormonoids is one announcing that because the player of the game has not paid their registration fee, a virus contained in the game has erased the player’s floppies, crashed their hard disk, etc. This gentle reminder to non-registered users is programmed to appear at random intervals. While the appearance of this scene will in no way damage software, it does however disrupt the game.

To prevent this scene from appearing during the game, you must type the command “xT” (without the quotes) before you leave the initial scene.

To confirm that you have successfully issued the command, a thumbs up symbol with the words “Virus Disarmed” under it will appear on the screen.

If you do not enter “xT” or if you have not successfully issued the command, the words “Virus Armed” along with a thumbs down sigh will appear when you issue the command to leave the initial scene.

If for some reason you have not entered the “xT” command and virus scene does appear, all is not lost. Merely issue the “xT” command and the game will move you to a random scene.

The game can be played in MIniVMac. When dropping the .img onto the emulators screen,
MiniVMac wants to do minor repairs. These "repairs" render the img unusable with DiskCopy 6.

Architecture: 68k

Ideal Environment: Mac Plus, SE, SE/30, II or Classic using 
System 6.X
Will run on most new Macs using System 7.X if 
the 32-bit addressing is disabled. (This can be
done by opening the Control Panel DA and 
selecting the "Memory" user item.)