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Mixed-Up Mother Goose

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mixed_up_mother_goose.sit (416.05 KB)
MD5: 3977547009e44388891b618319bdb3e5
For System 1 - 5 - System 7.0 - 7.6
This game works with: Mini vMac

Children aged 4 and up are invited to help out Mother Goose by reuniting nursery rhyme characters with their corresponding items.

See also: Mixed-Up Mother Goose Deluxe

Architecture: 68k


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by Realitystorm - 2020, August 11 - 2:53pm

There appears to be a fix. Larry 1 with AGI 2.06 works in 16 colours, on Basilisk II with some issues, works without errors on my LC 475 in 24bit mode. So keep an eye out for 2.x releases, only the interpreter seems to have changed (1991 date stamp), the other files and game version appear to be unchanged. More details of my testing and experiments at

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by Realitystorm - 2020, January 25 - 3:35pm

I found out the reason for the issue with the color versions, it appears to be a incompatibility caused by the move from 24-bit to 32-bit quickdraw. The issue was never fixed, see section 2 at: