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Miss Spider's Scavenger Hunt

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For Mac OS X
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Miss Spider's Scavenger Hunt is based on Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends, a children's TV series which in turn is based on the Miss Spider series of books written and illustrated by David Kirk.

Miss Spider gathers her children: Bounce, Squirt, Shimmer, and Dragon, and announces that there is to be a scavenger hunt - each bug-child has his own list of items from nature to find in Sunny Patch. There are various seeds to look for: floating seeds, golden seeds, sunflower seeds; different kinds of flower petals: pink and yellow; and berries - raspberry, strawberry, cranberry.

The player begins by picking one of the children to go first; when they return with the items the player will pick another one until all four children are done - this is necessary to access the final activity…There are nine different activities (two per child, plus one final), covering such developmental skills as logic, sequencing, sound memory, keyboarding, sorting, and math. The final activity requires a little eye/hand/brain coordination to induce Miss Spider to show her DDR skills!

This game is suggested for children ages 4 - 7; younger ones may need some assistance with the arcade-style games even at the easiest level. (MobyGames)

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Architecture: PPC x86 (Windows)

Mac OS X 10.2
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