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Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim

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[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us (385.83 MB)
MD5: 173f38e9c16fb10bf90ae73c3975aa7d
For Mac OS 8.5 - 8.6 - Mac OS 9
This game works with: SheepShaver,

Majesty is a fantasy real-time strategy game. At first, it may look like another Age of Empires clone with its different buildings and units but the game plays completely different. You don't have the chance to control your units directly. They have their own wills and do whatever they want to do. The player can indirectly control them by setting gathering points to various spots on the map. Units then try to reach these points and will automatically choose the right action to do at this spot once they're there, e.g. fighting monsters, harvest food or mine resources.

Architecture: PPC

This is a Mac-only CD-ROM release.

Requires Mac OS 8.6 or later. Plays perfectly under Mac OS X in "Classic" mode.
800x600 Video in 16 bit (thousands of colours).

233MHz or faster PPC.
48MB physical RAM with 96MB virtual memory.
CD-ROM drive.

350MHz or faster PPC.
64MB physical RAM + 32MB virtual memory
CD-ROM drive

Hard disk space: 314MB minimum, 366MB full install.


bmartinez's picture
by bmartinez - 2019, May 15 - 11:31am

RAGE's picture
by RAGE - 2013, June 16 - 10:22pm

Nostalgia! Would you please upload it again? I need macos classic version! Thank you...

IIGS_User's picture
by IIGS_User - 2011, September 15 - 4:33pm

Thanks, that's fine. Smile

Thundersock's picture
by Thundersock - 2011, September 14 - 1:02am

It doesn't. Changed.

IIGS_User's picture
by IIGS_User - 2011, September 13 - 5:38pm

Compatibility field says: 'Plays perfectly under Mac OSX in "Classic" mode.'
Is this a Classic Mode-only game or runs it Mac OS X native?
If not native, please remove 'Mac OS X' from 'System' field.

Samwise's picture
by Samwise - 2011, July 19 - 3:02am

This is such a good game, very high replay value.

Euryale's picture
by Euryale - 2011, April 26 - 10:48am

This might be out of context but, about 4 days ago, I found a telephone HTC Hero
the phone is not activated to work in Mexico, so I cannot make phone calls but that can be fixed for $30bucks,
and as I was tinkering with it because it has a system I didn´t know,
I found this game already installed (Majesty,,,,,) So i was surprised by that
but it´s hard to read the screen since the letters are too small,
the phone has android system which is a total copy of the iPod/iPhone touch
(the iPod touch is much better and smoother)
anyway, if you (Apple unfaithful) are interested, I´ll upload it somewhere
the game is really small, about 12Mb.

bertyboy's picture
by bertyboy - 2011, April 7 - 1:31pm

Northern Expansion and Majesty 2 never made it to Mac.

If you have a reasonable Intel Mac, and Parallels or VMFusion, then this, NE and Majesty 2 will all run reasonably well under Windows emulaion. All the PC versions should be readily available in the 'old titles' section of any game store (that still carries PC titles - getting very rare now).

Parson's picture
by Parson - 2011, April 7 - 11:34am

Love the game. Anyone know where to get the expansion (Northern Expansion) or like user made maps?

bertyboy's picture
by bertyboy - 2011, March 25 - 9:26pm


Thanks for the endorsement. This really is one of the more interesting strategy games. I hope many more make the effort to download it and try it.

This is to Age of Empires like Caesar III is to SimCity. Like Caesar III, great, interesting graphic sprites for the characters travelling the kingdom.

Scottie Watson's picture
by Scottie Watson - 2011, March 25 - 8:05pm

I was really quite surprised with this game. I expected Age of Empires but instead got something, that while resembling a clone of Age of Empires, was in fact different and unique in a countless number of waves. It would be wise to download this one and to give it a chance.

TataMisia's picture
by TataMisia - 2009, September 4 - 10:13pm

Game ist the best. The best strategic game for classic! Smile Sorrry for my english

Twilight.Finch's picture
by Twilight.Finch - 2009, September 4 - 6:09pm

agreed I'm interested in this too

Euryale's picture
by Euryale - 2009, August 31 - 11:47pm

"I'm just keen to get hold of a copy by any means necessary ... "

That line reminded me of the Mafia Smile

After reading so many good things about this Game,
now Ya'all got me interested in it and I'd like to have it too.
and yes I second motion that line: " any means necessary"

mudlark's picture
by mudlark - 2009, August 31 - 10:42pm

@MacWise: OK. I agree that people are rubbish at seeding torrents. I'm just keen to get hold of a copy by any means necessary ... and more than prepared then to seed it, or upload it here, or whatever. Guess if TM doesn't upload a torrent I'll just wait until everything here comes back online. I quite agree with you in principle about the need for a permanent download, however.

MacWise's picture
by MacWise - 2009, August 31 - 6:25pm

@mudlark: Even if the file's not available here, it shouldbe avaliable from the people who already downloaded it. That's the whole point of BitTorrent. So if the file is not available at all is because nobody's seeding it. Creating mirror torrents is not going to change that, but it won't cause trouble either, so be my guest.

mudlark's picture
by mudlark - 2009, August 31 - 4:27pm

I understand, and I think you make a good point: but my impression is that the file's already been uploaded to MacGarden but is presently unavailable because of this bandwidth problem. This torrent suggestion is more of a short-term measure, to enable people who want the software to get it even while normal service is suspended, as I for one haven't been able to find the game elsewhere.

So: If TataMisia were to upload his/her bittorrent file, would it overwrite the hosted file, or just show up in addition? If the latter, I think TM should do it: and once everyone has it, we can all upload the file to MacGarden for when the server comes back online. Your thoughts?

MacWise's picture
by MacWise - 2009, August 31 - 1:23pm

That's not a good idea, because the torrent is just a reference and not the file itself. So once people stop seeding (and that happens all the time) the file will be lost. The idea is to upload the file to MacGarden so in case nobody's seeding, the file's still available. That's why I don't like what TataMisia is doing: posting link to torrents, because before you know it, they'll be obsolete. That's no way of preserving abandonware.

mudlark's picture
by mudlark - 2009, August 31 - 1:55am

I think you're confused about how to make a torrent file, is that right? If so, here are some instructions. I hope it works for you: I'm not very experienced with this myself, but I would love to download the game.

1. Make an image of the CD (use Toast or something)
2. Compress it, if you like, using 7zip or some other program
3. Download a bittorrent client, if you don't already have one. Transmission is good.
4. Select the "create torrent" option in your bittorrent client. In Transmission it's under File>Create Torrent. You'll be asked to select the file you want to share.
5. You'll now be prompted to enter some trackers. I don't know if Mac Garden has its own tracker -- anyone advise?? -- but I suspect not. NB: If anyone reading has any better ideas than the trackers I'm suggesting here, please do put them in comments. I am a total amateur with this stuff. Anyway, try entering these public trackers, just as written, in the spaces indicated:
6. Make sure you're creating a public torrent (do not check any boxes that say "use private tracker" or similar)
7. Create the torrent and save it. Then upload it here: use the "add game" link at the very top of this page, and navigate to this page to upload it. You can also post the torrent to any other bittorrent message board you like. Make sure you keep your bittorrent client running until you've seeded it at least once. Preferably for longer.

I hope this works! Good luck, and thanks in advance for the upload..

TataMisia's picture
by TataMisia - 2009, August 21 - 10:28pm

This game have theft my hours ! Smile ITsssss verrrrry goood! Verry good!!!! I LOVE IT!
In Poland still sell it..
In TESCO markets is in sell-outs for 9.99 zloty ( about 2 Euro, about 3 US dollars).
God! We are thieves!
What you thing web-master?

Sorry for my english. I know a few a languages, but english is not my first Sad

bertyboy's picture
by bertyboy - 2009, August 21 - 6:17pm

If I'd kept the original upload I could seed for you (think it was original cd image plus manual plus patch).

gob66red's picture
by gob66red - 2009, August 21 - 2:52pm

Could someone seed this torrent for me plz.
I have only the demo but I already find it's a great game.

bertyboy's picture
by bertyboy - 2009, June 15 - 9:26am

I have this too, CD size.

But this is another great simulation game with an oiginal strategy. If this truly is abandonware, it's definitely worth the effort to get this onto the site.

Balrog's picture
by Balrog - 2009, June 13 - 7:45pm

Post info about it on the forums; right now we don't have room but this should change in the future.

HughMungus's picture
by HughMungus - 2009, June 13 - 6:57am

i have this but it's much bigger than 60meg.. cd is about 400. suggestions?