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MacWars.sit (233.05 KB)
MD5: 87976b614455c94f356cf8ebe22be891
For System 1 - 5
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de
MacWars_Cracked.sit (247.81 KB)
MD5: ee6209de79f1dca6934a3144b8ad175b
For System 1 - 5
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de
This game works with: Mini vMac

A clone of the Star Wars vector-graphics arcade game, which wouldn't officially reach the Mac for a few more years.

Download 1:
Sorry, the game is not cracked, so it will start ... then reboot !
I am still trying to crack it...

Download 2:
It took about 60-80 hours of work, but I've cracked the self-decrypting binaries and skipped over the copy protection code. You have to boot from the disk to play. - barberd

Architecture: 68k

Original game has a severe protection. It reboots after the title screen.
Use the cracked version.

On the Mac Plus and beyond, a band of static will start to flash along the bottom of the screen at some point. For best results, use (or emulate) a 128K or 512K Mac.

If emulating with Mini vMac, turn the emulation speed down to 1x before booting to keep the game from crashing when it plays a voice sample.


fogWraith's picture
by fogWraith - 2021, March 30 - 7:20am

Irrelevant to the page itself, but the other account @Tron, has not been touched, therefore it is not blocked. Unless you have more than two accounts? In any case, if you change your mind, feel free to reach out via E-Mail, support at

lilliputian's picture
by lilliputian - 2021, March 30 - 6:27am

If you were locked out, I believe that should only happen if you attempt to login to the ftp server too many times in a row. Regardless, you can contact @fogWraith to unlock it for you.

Sorry you weren't able to get MacWars to work for you in Mini vMac. Good luck.

Tron's picture
by Tron - 2021, March 29 - 8:15am

Yes. Of Course I am booting from the disk as written.. is also the first thing I try..
I have tested now with Mini vMac 3.3.3,3.4.1,3.5.8, the build Mac Plus 4 Mb standard
that I have in my Archive, the game CRASH immediately and you can't play nothing..

I have also downloaded NOW the Mini vMac 36.04 32/64 bits
(36.4 doesn't exist now.. maybe in future)

and the game crash in both same in every variant of Mac Plus I have tested

Actually I can play the game with the Mac SE and Classic variations only
but if I don't start the game quickly the Autoplay crash in the hangar every time..

I don't know how is possible that work perfectly with your 3.3.3 Mac Plus

if you download now I confirm the variation 64 bit is same the one you used
I have tested both and nothing change
-br 36 -t imch
-br 36 -t mc64

The game crash at the screen FROM THE MAKERS OF.. after you listen the Audio..

I have checked and my 3.3.3 have these details:
28/11/2013 22:13
minivmac-3.3.3-imch, Copyright 2013 maintained by Paul C. Pratt.

Anyway is my last post.. someone at MacintoshGarden have blocked my usual account..

I was trying to give a specific details how to play this game now with an emulator
and also trying to make the Autoplay work

I have a private Museum of Macintosh software/hardware.. and usually I launch games
and make the game go.. I am not in front of EVERY Mac all the time..

I have also the original and some old Macintosh but I have not tried, my original software
is now packed because I am looking for a bigger home for my collection..

Thanks for your answer.
I never post again here so I can't reply anymore..


lilliputian's picture
by lilliputian - 2021, March 29 - 1:57am

I just booted it in Mini vMac 36.4 (-br 36 -t mc64) using the same machine and it works fine. Are you booting directly from the disk image?

lilliputian's picture
by lilliputian - 2021, March 29 - 1:53am

This is not really the place for troubleshooting Mini vMac, but in answer to your question:

Mini vMac 3.3.3, build 873 (Macintosh Plus, 4MB RAM). Running in macOS 10.13.6 (High Sierra) on an iMac 2010 27" Intel Quad Core i7 2.93GHz, 8GB RAM.

This version/build does not have 'P' as a Control Mode option.

actarus's picture
by actarus - 2021, March 29 - 8:19am

For me works with the SE and Classic variants of Mini VMac only (not 128/512/Plus)
but the Autoplay CRASH every time in the Hangar..

DeChief's picture
by DeChief - 2021, March 26 - 6:57am

Amazing work, barberd! If I have time this weekend I'm going to try this out on my Mac 512Ke.

lilliputian's picture
by lilliputian - 2021, March 26 - 8:05am

Using Mini vMac 3.3.3 I was able to boot and run from the cracked disk image immediately.

actarus's picture
by actarus - 2021, March 29 - 8:21am

I tested the Cracked version with ANY Variants of Mini vMac 128/512/Plus and crash at the title screen every time..

lilliputian's picture
by lilliputian - 2021, March 25 - 10:31pm

Wow, congratulations on this monumental effort!

barberd's picture
by barberd - 2021, March 25 - 9:47pm

I spent waaay too much time on this and reverse engineered the copyright protection. The game is broken into multiple files. The 'finder' is the intro animation, 'D' is the start menu and the 'on-deck portion, ' ' is the in space portion, 'T' is tunnels portion, and 'H' is the high scores portion. Two of those files (D and ' ') are encrypted, with small bootstrap code that generates a decryption key from its own code (so modifying the code in any way - such as adding debugger calls - destroys the key), then decrypts in 4 rounds; the first 3 rounds get deeper into revealing the copyright protection code (created by PACE Anti-Piracy, which was founded in 1985, the same year this game was published), and the last round decrypting the game code itself, with one component of the key being loaded from a specific offset inside files hidden in the original MFS filesystem that aren't copied correctly by disk imaging tools. Additionally, even the jump table is encrypted, and part of the decryption process overwrites the decryption bootstrap routine jump table entry and then decrypts the entire jump table. 'T' isn't encrypted but does include some copyright protection code. H has no protection.

One very interesting thing is that the encryption algorithm used is close to being good, but has a flaw that it really only uses 8 bits of the key instead of all 32 bits...meaning there are really only 256 possible values, and not 4.3 it was trivial to bruteforce once I reverse engineered the algorithm itself.

I've decrypted everything, removed the copyright protection calls, and uploaded it as "MacWars Cracked.sit".

Additionally, the game seems to have modified the boot code in such a way it sets up a custom A-trap instruction, which the game uses, and also does something funky when reading the mouse and keys that causes a lockup when executed after booting from another you'll need to boot from this disk to play. I don't think this is from copyright protection per se, just an interesting thing programmers often did in the early Mac days before hard drives were a thing.

I'm not sure what the 'static' is on the bottom bar when playing; I've seen it on videos of play from an original disk, so either its a bug built-in from the beginning, or its an artifact from running on a machine other than the original 1984 Mac.

djpumpkin's picture
by djpumpkin - 2011, September 25 - 9:13pm

Any progress on finding a way to crack this?

yoyomac's picture
by yoyomac - 2011, May 11 - 1:38am

I'm listening. Just being lazy and looking for time. Will take a look at the beast... Will be a good opportunity to inaugurate the Programmer's Switch I bought on ebay for my Plus. Was so tired of using a paperclip after the Alternate Reality challenge...

amatecha's picture
by amatecha - 2011, May 10 - 9:42pm

Perhaps we can get yoyomac to take a look? He succesfully cracked "Alternate Reality: The City" ( ) ...

djpumpkin's picture
by djpumpkin - 2011, May 9 - 12:52pm

I just tried this on a real 128k Mac. It still reboots after the title screen. So close - and yet so far!!!

MCP's picture
by MCP - 2010, April 15 - 4:27pm

Excellent. These users Winterlast and Gael_FR have proven themselves effective in hunting down and digitizing vintage software. I would like to send these Users to my Game Grid to see what they are really made of. End of line.