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MacManager is a competitive management simulation program for the Macintosh computer. Two to nine companies can compete, with human or Mac-controlled players.

MacManager can be played at either of two levels. The MANAGER is the easier level of play. Managers make three decisions that have immediate impact on their company's success or failure. At the more advanced STRATEGIST level, players make decisions which have both short and long term effects on the company.

Strategist players are also subject to RANDOM EVENTS, which affect either individual companies or the entire industry.

In MacManager YOU are the C.E.O. of your company. Develop your own successful business strategy and experience all the excitement of making important decisions. Go to your factory and view production, look at your warehouse inventory—read the MacTimes and analyze industry reports to find out how your competitors are doing. Finally, make your decisions (be sure you have enough cash to carry them out!) and watch the results.

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We're still looking for a copy of the 1985 spin-off game Entrepreneur, which was set in the software business.


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by IIGS_User - 2013, April 6 - 5:31pm

The pict shows a manual. Could you eventually scan it, old fellow Gael?