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MacFormat 24 (May 1995)

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Guides on emulating older games

It is May 1995 and this issue gets down to one of the great strength of having a Macintosh: DTP. 9 pages are given over to reviewing Adobe PageMaker 5.0, FrameMaker 4.0, QuarkXPress 3.31, ReadySetGo 6.0.3 & VivaPress Pro 1.5. There is also a 4 page article on DTP with ClarisWorks.

Skills such as text manipulation, graphics manipulation, design tools, colour support, structure documents & automation are given their own sections and the Miles 33 program Pianzhang is discussed. Finally DTP jargon is explained at the end.

There is a good 4 page article on networks, how they work, how to set them up and what to do. It is very suitable to people new to networking on the Macs.

Colour scanners are reviewed as well: SICOS Page Scanner, Apple Color One, Relisys Scanner & Nikon ScanTouch. The application PhotoFix gets 3 pages.

There are many multimedia titles reviewed:
Who Built America?, The Joy of Sex, This Is Spinal Tap, National Lampoon's Blind Date, Let's Play Soccer, Let's Play Tennis, Golf with Tom Kite, For All Mankind, Mars Explorer, Venus Explorer, The Secrets of Stargate, Distant Suns 2.

Games reviewed include:
Sargon V, MacBestsellers, Wolfenstein: Third Encounter, Pebble Beach Golf Links, Harpoon ClassIc & Earth Command.

In the news section, the first mac clones go on sale in the States. They are from Power Computing, have no name as yet and are the equivalents of the Power Macintoshes 7100/80 & 8100/80. Remember that the point of the clones was to create more lower priced Macs using economies of scale and cheaper, mass-produced parts (as was common with PCs) to open up new markets for Macintoshes. Even now, we see that this strategy is not being followed.

The Pippin has been unveiled. The article ends by stating, on early evidence. Pippin appears to be a well-realised concept that can only add to the Mac multimedia scene.
And it's clear that these early discs are barely beginning to exploit the potential of the 603 chip and fast drive. so there's better to come lrom Pippin.

The image of the cover-mounted CD-ROM is available on the page with all of the 1995 MacFormat CD-ROMs here. The CD booklet & inlay covers as well as the CD are there too.The floppy image can be found here.

The PDF was scanned on a Kyocera Taskalfa as a JPEG at the highest level. The images were manually corrected for straightness with the ruler tool and cut to 2617x3520px. The images were then reduced by batch job in Photoshop CS3 to 1614x1200 at 72dpi. The PDF was made in Acrobat 8 from these 1614x1200 images. The version was set to Acrobat 4, bookmarks were set and OCR was applied. The final size of the PDF is 104MB.

Architecture: PPC (Carbonized) x86 (Intel:Mac) x86 (Windows)