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MacFormat 18 (Nov. 1994) Magazine & CD

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Guides on emulating older games

This is the November 1994 issue of the U.K. mac magazine, MacFormat. The PDF was scanned on a Kyocera Taskalfa as a JPEG at the highest level. The images were corrected for straightness with the ruler tool and cut to the ratio 1:1.3333. The images were then reduced by batch job in Photoshop CS3 to 1600x1200 at 72dpi. The PDF was made in Acrobat 8 from these 1600x1200 images. The version was set to Acrobat 4, bookmarks were set and OCR was applied. The final size of the PDF is 91MB.

PowerPCs have just been released and the Mac world is coming to grips with them. Not everyone is happy. One discontented reader complains about the shoddy SCSI implementation on p124 on a new Power Macintosh 7100AV. The delayed (and anticipated) release of QuickTime 2.0 is a topic of conversation as is the hope that the power of new RISC chips will make the Mac platform more attractive to game developers. The PowerPC version of Marathon is already available and it impresses.

The theme this month is bombs, freezes and other Mac problems. There are solutions to common problems that plague the users of SSW 7 and SSW 7.1 as well as troubleshooting shareware and reviews of Norton Utilities 3.0, MacTools 3.0 & Conflict Catcher 2. There is also a review of books on the topic, like 'Sad Macs, Bombs and other disasters (and what to do about them)'.

To finish it off, theŕe are reviews of ClarisDraw 1.0, Excel 5.0, Rebel Assault, Theme Park, Links Pro, The Battle of Britain & Chessmaster 3000.

The CD-ROM can be downloaded as an image here. The inlay covers are above. The floppy image can be found here.

Architecture: PPC (Carbonized) x86 (Intel:Mac) x86 (Windows)


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