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DooM Legacy v1.32b1 (Classic)

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macdoomlegacy-132.sit (789.91 KB)
MD5: e7b6d952c8dbcdf6e79faa9b6d54d502
For Mac OS 8 - 8.1 - Mac OS 9
Guides on emulating older games

Mac DooM Legacy v1.32b1 (MDL) is the final port available for the classic PPC Mac OS (9.2.2 & earlier) version of DooM Legacy. It uses a modernized custom DooM engine built on id's original code. This version supports OpenGL rendering and TCP/IP networking.

Supports playing of all Doom 1 & 2 WADs and Heretic 1 WAD plus 3rd party PWADs.

It can also use the shareware DooM1.WAD & Heretic1.WAD files. Also, 3rd party add-on maps (PWADS) used with a full version's .WAD file.

MD5 checksum: e7b6d952c8dbcdf6e79faa9b6d54d502 *macdoomlegacy-132.sit

OpenGL rendering of sprites. Look up & down (free look). TCP/IP networking. Support for all Doom I & II .WADs plus Heretic .WAD. 3D flooring (3rd party). Partial invisibility of sprites, now translucent. Console, commandline editing while playing. Great game play.

External Download Mirror (Sourceforge)

(.sit.hqx Archive)

legacy_132beta1_mac.sit.hqx Checksums (Author's Sourceforge)
MD5: d23e946a1e22b6281889b93879009df5
SHA1: 2bce6ce49f44195c7da554e52496e9d3f5446240

For more info on Doom Legacy, visit it's pages at Sourceforge.
Mac DooM Legacy is released under the Gnu General Public License (GPL)

See also: Doom Legacy for OS X, Doom Legacy Wad-Launcher

Architecture: PPC


dr.zeissler's picture
by dr.zeissler - 2020, May 20 - 5:55pm

Music is not working correctly on the games. Instruments sound wrong/bad and by far too silent. Cannot change this.

Where can I get the music patch?

dr.zeissler's picture
by dr.zeissler - 2020, May 3 - 6:51pm

by Nicolas Bahamondes - 2013, June 17 - 12:18pm
OMG! This is f**king cool! Now I can play Pinochestein 3D on my iMac.

Does it work under OS9 and where can I download this?

Clamshell's picture
by Clamshell - 2016, July 30 - 12:51pm

No multiplayer LAN mode for the Mac version Sad

scott Praed's picture
by scott Praed - 2016, May 18 - 5:07pm

I upload a Doom Legacy for os x

Nicolas Bahamondes's picture
by Nicolas Bahamondes - 2013, June 17 - 11:18am

OMG! This is f**king cool! Now I can play Pinochestein 3D on my iMac.

pvar's picture
by pvar - 2013, June 16 - 7:42pm

Just posted a Launcher for Doom Legacy in OSX:

ken_masters's picture
by ken_masters - 2013, March 17 - 2:03pm

Wow, sounds interesting, thx!!!