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Luxor: Amun Rising

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Year released:
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us (11.04 MB)
MD5: 9e978f91dd9ccf84f34ce233f0f6a883
For Mac OS X
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Luxor: Amun Rising, a sequel to Luxor, is an arcade style action-puzzle game. The player goes on an adventure, travelling across a map of ancient Egypt, with each of the 88 levels getting progressively harder. There is a choice of three difficulty levels: easy, intermediate or expert. The player controls a winged scarab which travels side to side along the bottom of the screen. The player shoots one of seven colored spheres at a line of approaching spheres traveling along a path. You must prevent the spheres from reaching your pyramids, or the level is over. Making a match of three or more will make the enemy spheres explode. Exploding spheres can drop coins, which you collect to get extra lives. They can also drop power ups, which help to destroy the enemy spheres. (Mobygames)

The download is version, released in 2007.

An Intel-only version can be purchased from Big Fish Games.

See also: Luxor 2

Architecture: PPC

G3 400MHz
Mac OS X 10.2.8
128 MB RAM
20 MB free hard drive space
16 MB video card