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Lilo & Stitch: Hawaiian Adventure

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lilo_and_stitch-hawaiian_adventure.iso_.sit (256.51 MB)
MD5: 8cc4ac9a25304480afd1534b6767569d
For Mac OS 8.5 - 8.6 - Mac OS X
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Get ready to tame the wildest alien in the galaxy in this kids adventure based on the Disney animated movie. Help Lilo teach Stitch how to be good and help him earn the prestigious Cobra Bubbles Model Citizen Award. While you play, show Stitch the value of being good and the true meaning of Ohana - family. The game features seven challenges featuring logic, creativity, and arcade excitement, set in locations derived from the movie. Play with Lilo and Stitch separately, and then team up later in the game to defeat the outer-space aliens. Interact with Mr. Bubbles, the aliens, Jumba, and Pleakley. Collect tools that will help you achieve the objective in one activity and move on to the next. (Adventure legends)

Hybrid Mac/PC .iso image, compressed with StuffIt 5.5

Architecture: PPC

Mac OS 8.6 -10.0