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Land of the Magic Stones 2: The Mist of Oblivion

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LandMgcStones2.toast_.sit (499.03 MB)
MD5: 19709b7a1447046d5eed79e093803715
For Mac OS 8 - 8.1 - Mac OS 9
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This is the second in the Land of the Magic Stones series of games for children. The player must help the inhabitants to recover their memory and rebuild the Great Knowledge Encyclopedia in the attic of the laboratory. The game is presented in a colorful cartoon atmosphere and lets the player explore fantasy locations like an Enchanted Village, a Flying Manor and a Happy Elves Mine. Included are many mini-games played in different perspectives with more than 350 levels. Arcade games, in which jumping, running and avoiding obstacles are involved, will teach hand-to-eye coordination and strategy. More traditional adventure games improve the player's puzzle-solving skills or memory. The game is bilingual in French and English. (MobyGames)

This is a hybrid Mac/PC disc image.

Architecture: PPC x86 (Windows)

System requirements Mac:
iMac or PowerPC 233 MHz,
Mac OS 7.6 or greater.
64 MB RAM.
210 MB hard drive space
800 X 600 display
Thousands of colours