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Karth of the Jungle I & II

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This game works with: Mini vMac

When the boy became a youth, the Leopard Shaman had trouble keeping his vengeful spirit in check. Karth wanted desperately to avenge his parents and put down the sway of the evil Dark Shaman. But Komo Satu checked the young man's passion to keep him from destruction worse than death.

"You have not the power or the wisdom to even look upon the face of the Evil One," he told Karth. "I myself, a magician and shaman of many seasons, could not put him down with an army of Wahuru. What could a mere boy do? Tell me, Karth, how would you end the existence of one you cannot even comprehend?"

The question left Karth stuttering and looking at the ground until the Leopard Shaman dismissed him to gather water or firewood. But deep in his heart, Komo Satu knew Karth was the one - the one who would set the land of Mahid right again. In his strong, young hand the Voodoo Fire Stick would obliterate the shadow of maleficent blight cast by Mobatu's outstretched hand. Karth was chosen, and Komo Satu prayed to the gods that the youth would be ready when it was his time.

This download includes Parts I and II of a planned trilogy. Part III has never surfaced.

I actually wrote the game years ago when I was a freelance writer for RDI Video, makers of Dragon's Lair, Space Ace, and Thayer's Quest, games of arcade fame. Those classics were laser disc Don Bluth animation, and superb to play. Karth of the Jungle was intended (along with a host of other games) for a home version that included a laser disc player and game computer with voice recognition. Neat stuff - and it only cost around $3,000, a price way above what anyone was going to pay for a game system. Hence, RDI died, and Karth of the Jungle went nowhere until I discovered World Builder. Thank the gods of Mahid for Silicon Beach!
  — Erik R. Batzloff

Architecture: 68k

No sound on Power Macs. For sound, use a 68k Mac or Mini vMac. It is somewhat 32-bit compatible.