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Download jewelbox_10_202.sit (1.01 MB)
For System 6.x - Mac OS 9
This game works with: SheepShaver, Basilisk II, Mini vMac

A Columns-like game. Line similar jewels together to clear them from the board.

The original shareware release required a 640x480 display. The commercial version added compatibility with 512x384 and monochrome screens, as well as a new suite of bonus jewels.

This pack includes both, plus a fan-made patch called "Ghoul Box" that lends the shareware version a Hallowe'en theme.

(v1.0, v2.0.2)

Architecture: 68k

I found that if you set the monitor in classic control panels to 256, start Jewelbox, pause, then go back and reset to millions, it still plays fine and the OS X side doesn't freak.


by shomen - 2014, July 27 - 6:39pm

I'm looking for this game ONLY.
I'd settle for a Mac emulator with just this game on.
Tried and failed miserably serval times.
If there's a kind Mac guy out there who can help--that would be awesome.

Denus's picture
by Denus - 2014, June 8 - 11:32pm

It doesn't work on a Color Classic (640*480 is required).

T-1000's picture
by T-1000 - 2011, September 22 - 11:13pm

This is just great. Don't know how many hours I've spent playing this game. Should definitely be ported to Mac OS X... Smile So what's your highest score? Mine is somewhere above 150k.