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J. B. Harold: Blue Chicago Blues (J.B.ハロルド ブルー・シカゴ・ブルース)

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J.B. Harold: Blue Chicago Blues (J.B.ハロルド ブルー・シカゴ・ブルース) (FMV/1994)
J.B. Harold was the protagonist of a Japanese series of mystery games on numerous platforms, beginning with 1986's Murder Club. In this installment, the case is personal: his fiancée has been killed and framed for murder.

Sushi For this interactive movie, five discs' worth of footage was shot in Chicago and L.A. with American actors...only to be subtitled for the Japanese market and published almost nowhere else. I say "almost" because it did appear in North America as a Pioneer LaserActive Mega LD laserdisc ("quite possibly the most poorly conceived and spectacularly useless game console ever created", says Wired). So if you want to play this with an English interface, you can always get one of those for your living room...

Architecture: 68k


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by baku - 2018, June 11 - 12:53pm

I ran this on two Powerbooks with OS 8 and 9, the subtitle text is unreadable even with Japanese OS. Seems like a bug. Sheepshaver running kanjitalk 7.6 displays it correctly.

This game completely freezes when you need to swap discs. So if you're running on Sheepshaver or an internal disc drive, you will need to run in windowed mode to change out discs from the desktop... otherwise you'll be stuck and have to force quit. In addition, the game won't detect the disc swap if you're on the desktop when it loads... you need to eject the disc then click on the game to make it active again, then insert your CD and wait for it to load.