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InterStellar MacCribbage

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Year released:
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MacCribbage_1.0.img_.sit_.bin (185.75 KB)
MD5: fbcebb12797e21fa230eff9157edefc2
For System 6.x - Mac OS 9
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us
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MD5: ca6af425c53f6583a571aec671674375
For System 6.x - Mac OS 9
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InterStellar Software presents
InterStellar MacCribbage 1.0

(formerly known as MacCribbage)

Here, finally, is version 1.0 of MacCribbage. I hope you find it to be an enjoyable opponent. I welcome all questions and comments, and especially shareware fees (it might only be ten bucks, but it makes me feel great).

Send any correspondence and make checks payable to:
Michael Houser
InterStellar Software
134 Cambridge Drive
Hershey, PA 17033

Version History:

0.8 - 7/24/90 - 1st shipping version - The heart of the game is here. You can play cards, peg your score, and see limited statistics. You can also save a Match in progress.

0.8.1 - 6/17/91 - Fixed a serious pegging bug.

0.9 - 12/15/91 - Added customized game lengths and a lurch option, Quick Pegging, improved statistics and limited color support.

1.0 - 5/1/93 - Now we're talkin' turkey! Full color support, your choice of four cribbage boards, a Mac voice option, and Pegging Help!

Architecture: 68k