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Hexen II

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Hexen_II.toast_.sit (122.39 MB)
MD5: d91b9ab2df3cf836a75ecb547c8f5b74
For Mac OS 8.5 - 8.6 - Mac OS X
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The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse lurk in the shadows before you.

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Download from Mega.Co.Nz

They are Death, Pestilence, Famine, and War. They are the root of all that is evil. They are the least of your worries.

The last known Serpent Rider, Eidolon, lives. As the Necromancer, the Assassin, the Crusader or the Paladin, you must defeat the dark generals and their Hell-spawned legions before you can face the Archfiend and attempt to end his ravenous onslaught. Go in peace and you will surely die.

This is the official port, which only includes the original game. If you want to play the Portal of Praevus mission pack, use GLHexen 2.

See also: Heretic, Heretic II, Hexen.

Architecture: PPC


LambdaCalculus379's picture
by LambdaCalculus379 - 2019, December 18 - 4:59am

PDF manual from the game disc added.

WhiteMagicRaven's picture
by WhiteMagicRaven - 2011, August 14 - 2:12pm

You can Play HeXen II: Portal of Praevus using this disk (Official Port):
Copy Portals\PAK3.PAK
To HeXen II\DATA1\
Run HeXen II
Bring down console (~) Tilde and write
_cl_player_class 5
map keep1
now you will play Portal of Praevus addon through Official HeXen II for Macintosh, if you wish play with another class use _cl_player_class # where # is 1 to 5 (paladin,crushader,necromancer,assasin,demoness)

MileStones's picture
by MileStones - 2009, December 10 - 8:53pm

I am glad to find the official port here, I only had a buggy Intel CrossOver emulation of the PC game.
Thanks a true classic!