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Hellcats: Missions at Leyte Gulf

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Hellcats_Leyte_Gulf.SIT (866.85 KB)
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Architecture: 68k

Hellcats requires a patch (1.0.4) in order for sound to work in OS 9. But it does not apply on the version found here. Leyte Gulf has copy protection.


akarab's picture
by akarab - 2011, March 30 - 9:13am

Loved and still love this game. May not be rich in graphics, but the fly sim plays very well!
I recently purchased a PowerMac G4 just to play this game again!

Any ideas where to find patch 1.04


bertyboy's picture
by bertyboy - 2009, August 17 - 5:04pm

From my notes at the time ....

You need ResEdit, test on a COPY of the app:

Hellcats - Leyte Missions v?.?
# The password dialog is eliminated
- CODE 8, offset 0236
- change 6700
to 6000

I have a similar fix for original Hellcats, but I don't think it's needed here.

Zebonka's picture
by Zebonka - 2009, August 17 - 2:12pm

A fantastic set of 8 more missions! Bigger range of aircraft (your wingman sometimes appears as a Corsair in this, if memory serves). Rockets and torpedos are fun to use as opposed to the standard 'bomb' from the first game.

Gupta's picture
by Gupta - 2009, August 10 - 11:04am

what is the unlock code please ?