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Head Over Heels

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This is a free remake for Mac OS X of the original version that was released for various non-Mac platforms in 1987.

The creatures of the planet Freedom are very strange in that they are formed from a pair of symbiotic animals that have adapted to operate either independently or, to their mutual advantage, join together as one - Head saddled on Heels, and indeed these ARE their names.

Head and Heels have been captured, separated and imprisoned in the castle headquarters of the evil Blacktooth empire. Their cells contain ‘keep fit’ equipment, including a wall ladder that Head really must learn to climb. Your job is to get them both out of the castle and into the marketplace so they can join up again. From there, the journey leads to Moonbase Headquarters, where you will have to decide either to try to escape back to Freedom or to be a true hero and teleport to one of the slave planets to search for its lost crown! To overthrow the Blacktooth dictatorship on any of the slave planets would be a major blow to Blacktooth and you could return to Freedom in glory. (From the User Manual)

The game is presented from an isometric perspective, and presents the characters with a number of puzzles involving switches, jumps and climbs. The levels are 3 dimensional, and the characters must collect crowns as they progress. Objects can be picked up and manipulated as necessary. (MobyGames)

The game can be downloaded from the developer website. They require permission to host the game so they obviously prefer to host it themselves, which is why I am not putting it on this page.

Architecture: PPC

Mac OS X