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This game works with: Mini vMac

"Hardball is a baseball action game for one or two players. You can throw a variety of pitches from fast balls to curve balls, steal bases, select team members, and substitute players as the game is played."

Followed by HardBall II.

At the behest of Tommo, Inc / Retroism, the links to this game have been removed.

Architecture: 68k


slobjones's picture
by slobjones - 2015, October 2 - 8:42pm

The PDF docs are useful but apply only to the original game and not to the Mini vMac interface. Keyboard commands indicated in the manual do not work, and the mouse cursor disappears in the Mini vMac window, rendering Hardball unplayable.

Is there any way to get keyboard commands to work here?

MCP's picture
by MCP - 2011, December 1 - 5:36am

Combining the cracked upload already here with my original uncracked disk, I've made a bootable disk image (works with Mini vMac) and added full docs in PDF, as the second archive above.

slashlos's picture
by slashlos - 2010, June 24 - 3:10am

Awesome; I purchased this game years ago and HBII but still go back to this one. I hated the spin wheel of HBII to thwart thieves and liked the simplicity of HB. I used to have it play itself as a mean to learn scoring a game. It's one of my fave B&W games.