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GooBall-1.0.2.dmg (89.81 MB)
MD5: e7953bb7192b1f96b9d64364de2fd96b
For Mac OS X
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Roll, jump, and slime your GooBall through dozens of fanciful worlds of wonder as you control the cutest little alien around, the Goober. Being trapped in a gooey ball of protoplasm has never been this fun!

Be careful not to "fall out" over the edge of the world, pick up jewels along the way for extra lives, and have a blast as you roll and jump around like a wrecking ball in a china shop. Use the GooBall's "sticky" mode to slime up walls to reach otherwise inaccessible areas and goodies, or use it as an emergency brake when you start rolling too fast!

GooBall was developed by Over The Edge Entertainment and published by Ambrosia Software. Although the game did not sell as well as the developers had hoped, the developers found that the tools they had built in the process of making the game were useful, and turned the tools into their own product. That toolset is now known as Unity.

To register:

1) Make sure your Mac is not connected to the Internet so that the game cannot access a time server
2) Set the system date to 1st August 2009
3) Enter the following registration details:

Name: KCN Demo User
Copies: 5

4) Register the game and Quit
5) Reconnect to the Internet if you disconnected previously, and reset the system date

Architecture: PPC x86 (Intel:Mac)


AGardener's picture
by AGardener - 2020, June 23 - 12:22pm

This game was one of the reasons I couldn't give up my old Mac. Sadly the game was never ported to any console or PC. The only way you can play this game is on OS X no later than 10.7. Mountain Lion doesn't like this game at all, and will get stuck on the opening screen.

Elyus's picture
by Elyus - 2019, September 8 - 7:58am

GooBall was the origin of Unity? I'm shocked not to have known that. It would definitely be a good idea to start archiving some of the very old versions of Unity!

Thanks for finding and uploading GooBall, Sfiera!

systemseven's picture
by systemseven - 2019, September 7 - 7:38pm

Oh, we should probably add old versions of Unity here too! Some (not all) pre-3.4 versions can be found at: by substituting the version number for XYZ, for example 1.6.0. I don't have an OSX machine to verify them, and I'm not sure of the older licensing scheme, but perhaps someone who is interested can check them out and make a page?