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This game works with: Mini vMac

A hack 'n slash dungeon crawler, famous in the arcades for its 4-player gameplay. B&W and color versions are both included. Also included is an editor that lets you change basically everything in the game - from the number of potions and keys to your health.

This was always an annoying game at best. Its basicaly a button bash hit everything in every direction (birds eye kinda view) game. but dammit man! THE MONSTERS NEVER SEEM TO END!!!! I broke many many joysticks playing this, there are about 100 levels, all with a maze and your lil fellas have to get through hundreds and thousands of ghosts and nasty guys to get from entrance to exit. next level..the only cool thing I remember about this game was that if You killed everything in your immediate vicinity, you could then leave the game for 2 mins (like trying to trigger a screensaver. touch nothing) and then all the maze walls start flashing and mardi gras action and all the monsters dissapear, and you can simply walk through to your exit, and the next level.... to sum it up I want the creators of this game to "SEND ME MONEY FOR MY JOYSTICKS THAT YOU BROKE!" get it if you have NO joystick Smile
- Jasen