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gateway_without_docs.sit (221.46 KB)
MD5: 44afa8b510b6f6ffbdc7d447b8987ec2
For System 1 - 5
This game works with: Mini vMac

Gateway is an illustrated text adventure for the original 128K & 512K Macintosh. (reportedly it won't even run on a Mac Plus)

In the game you play as the sole heir to an eccentric uncle that hid a gateway (hence the title) to another world in a broken-down storefront. Commands are given in the "Infocom-fashion", meaning you type them via keyboard. (like "open door" or "south" to go south)

As with Pryority's other title Forbidden Quest, you will need to rely on printed illustrations (and in this case, some additional documents) to find your way around the game. This is not a copy protection that can be "cracked" -- without the pictures, you simply won't know what's in certain rooms and never find the gateway, no matter how much you "look" or "examine".

Unfortunately, I only have the disk to upload -- and this game is so rare on any platform that scans of its feelies have yet to appear on the internet.

Anyone who has the materials that came with this game, please scan them and add them to this page!

Emulation: To emulate it, you will need the Mac 128K or 512K variation of Mini vMac (and a matching ROM).

Version: 3.50

Architecture: 68k

Mac 128 or "Fat Mac" 512K