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Galactic Patrol

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For Mac OS 8 - 8.1 - Mac OS X
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Ever wonder what the old-school space shooters of the '80s would become in a 3D universe?

Galactic Patrol begins as you might expect a 3D interpretation of Space Invaders would: you blast through space, the starfield zooming along, controlling your craft from a back-on view. You don't have any bunkers to hide behind, but you've got some shields. As you swoop across the screen you'll notice that even though your ship can cover every pixel of the playing area, your weapons are restricted to a somewhat smaller field of fire. It means that, just like in the olden days, the alien critters can temporarily slide into an almost untouchable corner.

To combat this behavior you've got a number of special weapons which will allow you to reach out and obliterate the pesky aliens who try and hover just outside of your gun's range. The Smart Bomb is pretty typical, and missiles (in Cluster and Smart flavors) do what you'd expect. Nice as they are, they're overshadowed by the real toys in your arsenal: the Gravity Vortex and the Death Blossom. Gravity Vortex fires a small black hole into the middle of an alien formation, which is very satisfying to watch, and the Death Blossom is a dream come true for anyone who loved "The Last Starfighter" film - trigger it and your ship unleashes mass destruction in a gyroscopic pyrotechnic frenzy. Other powerups allow you to upgrade your standard gun with different types of ammo, firing patterns, and rates of fire, and the game's balanced to the point where you're rarely really stuck for adequate firepower.

Your enemies come in regular and "Boss" sizes, and although they're constructed out of fairly simply shaded polygons, they're quite distinctive and inventive in their design. What really makes them work, however, is the way these beasties move. They'll swoop in across every available axis and spin around your screen in an intricately choreographed ballet of doom before settling into formation. Even then they'll feint, come in from behind, and do just about everything but sit still, leaving you challenged to stay alive... never mind target them. If you do manage to lock on to a couple of enemy vessels, the resulting explosions are a satisfying pay-off.

The feature that keeps you on your toes through all 25 levels (300 enemy waves) is the perspective shift that happens at various intervals. One second you're blasting away in the over-the-shoulder mode, then the game flips the universe around and you're playing Galactic Patrol top-down, Galaxian style. Following that it might swing the camera around to your ship's side, and you'll be playing a side-scrolling shooter with echoes of R-Type.

  — MacCentral

I'm sorry but I couldn't turn down the challenge. Lane Roathe said to me that his game Galactic Patrol would take 8 weeks to port to MacOS. I looked at the game and said, naaahhhh maybe 4 weeks. We emailed each other little jibes until Lane sent me the source and said, Ok, prove it.

I got the source on Saturday (10 days ago), then on Superbowl Sunday I had an 85% complete version of the game with sound, input and just about all the graphics finished.

And I only worked on it about 4 hours a day (I have other things to do. :)

  — Rebecca "Burger" Heineman's .plan file, 3 February 1999

Architecture: PPC PPC (Carbonized)

Minimum Requirements

If you play in OS 9 and OS X on the same machine, the registration code must be entered under each OS.


PowerMacZach's picture
by PowerMacZach - 2018, April 21 - 8:23pm

Looks cool, but runs too slow to be playable on a Power Macintosh 5500/225 with G3 processor upgrade and 128 MB of RAM. I'll have to try it on a newer machine.

MadMac's picture
by MadMac - 2018, January 26 - 2:51am

Good one, as an old arcade addict I must say, this one is cool!