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Full Metal Mac

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With Full Metal Mac, your opponent's forces cannot be seen on the game map until your forces actually sight them. Each game turn is clocked. All decisions are made under the forced pressure of a time control. As in chess, once you have moved a man, you cannot change that move—all movement decisions are irrevocable. You live and die with your decisions. Unlike chess and board games, there are no movement squares or hexes. Movement is fluid and free-flowing. The computer does all of the mundane bookkeeping work for the players, leaving them free to concentrate on the flow of the game. As an infantry officer in this game, you will need every bit of your time, attention, and guts for doing just that as your forces attempt to survive and achieve their objective.

  — publisher's description

AppleTalk network play is supported. This is version 1.0.

Not to be confused with Full Metal Planet.

Architecture: 68k

Minimum Requirements


jerzee_mac's picture
by jerzee_mac - 2010, April 30 - 6:08pm

A great wargame in which the game pauses while you move your troops. Then watch the action unfold as the both sides moves simultaneoulsy. The computer is very hard to beat!