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Forbidden Quest

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forbiddenquest.sit (2.51 MB)
MD5: 0d94e3297c891037c21e44b54e19e78c
For System 1 - 5
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This game works with: Mini vMac

In one of the era's more interesting copy protection schemes, solving this pulp SF thriller will require you to consult illustrations of the game's environments for details not given in the text. (Another unusual feature is its desk accessory integration, with a special slot that the Alarm Clock will automatically snap into.)

Trivia: Some of the drawings, including the cover art, were contributed by EC Comics legend Wally Wood. Among these was the gun-toting man on the stairs who adorns the page of backstory. And here's the rest of that picture: CAUTION. NOT. SAFE. FOR. WORK.

The game has an excellent command parser that permits multiple-word commands, but suffers from a restricted vocabulary. It would be a real winner with better word recognition. Although you'll get killed off a few times, Forbidden Quest is light-hearted and interesting. Even experienced adventurers will scratch their heads a few times before netting all 3,500 points.
- The Book of Macintosh Software

Important: This game is not compatible with the Macintosh Plus (or anything newer). To emulate it, you will need the Mac 128K or 512K variation of Mini vMac (and a matching ROM.)

Version: 3.0

Architecture: 68k


Gael_FR's picture
by Gael_FR - 2020, April 30 - 3:41pm

I just added high quality scans of the 5 prints from Apple II version (credit : Museum of Computer Adventure Game History, Enjoy !