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Foobar Versus the DEA

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MD5: d54f469f4f1e026e875c032ca5267c61
For Mac OS 8 - 8.1 - Mac OS 9
This game works with: SheepShaver,

Foobar's boyfriend, Ned, has been imprisoned in the DEA's mind control camp for drug offenders. Even though Ned was caught with only a joint on him, 21st century law clearly states that he must receive treatment. Foobar needs to break into the camp's air space and, among other things, destroy NOSEY the computer. NOSEY compiles data on every human in America, and when someone starts looking suspicious, NOSEY sends the DEA to their house. After killing NOSEY, Foobar will be reunited with Ned. Oh, amour!
  — official description

Foobar vs. the DEA is the first known gay-themed arcade-style game. [...] it was intentionally political with strong pro-gay rights, anti-war on drugs and anti-censorship themes.
  — CBC Radio, 2019


If anyone has the sequel games Foobar Versus the FCC and Foobar Versus His Local School Board, please upload them.


Although several sites list a version 1.1.4, the purported downloads of it are actually the same version 1.1.3 that is already available here.

Architecture: 68k