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Fokker Triplane Flight Simulator

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MD5: ed640bf360c3451b7e9e26cd9393a900
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us
This game works with: Mini vMac

"Fokker Triplane is a fun flight simulator without the need to spend hours studying complicated instructions. Learn to take off and land, do loops and rolls, burst balloons, bomb specific targets and blow up enemy fuel depots. Fly among six different air bases and capture the real feeling of open cockpit flying. Control how the enemy aircraft will fly. Either ask them to fly directly in front of you for simple target practice or make them fly loop the loop for a tougher challenge. When you are ready, engage in real dog-fighting with the enemy. Fokker Triplane is realistic... and fun." --publisher's description

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In addition to the manual linked above, a quick-start sheet was included:

Architecture: 68k



Dookie Boot's picture
by Dookie Boot - 2015, January 11 - 5:34am

I tried playing this game and it was a real fokker to get through.

OSH's picture
by OSH - 2013, January 19 - 7:17pm

Game works under MinivMac. I've tested it under MiniVmacSE, 4 MB RAM, 512x384 and MacOS 5.0

CaryMG's picture
by CaryMG - 2010, March 22 - 10:07pm

When I ru the .IMG in Mini vMac, a alertbox popsup that says: SORRY-A SYSTEM ERROR OCCURED.

watchsmart's picture
by watchsmart - 2010, February 25 - 2:42pm

bolle: try an even earlier version of Mac OS. This one is a real oldie.

bolle's picture
by bolle - 2009, September 18 - 11:25am

The game crashes no matter which OS version I use (I tried 6.0.3., 7.0.1, 7.5.5). Any ideas how to make the game work?