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Microsoft Flight Simulator

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Flight_Simulator_1.SIT (225.88 KB)
MD5: b75e9cacebea5f645045da88b20a5da7
For System 1 - 5
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MD5: 6ff9ba3e9aadbe42f5ed108a0c6f8095
For System 1 - 5
This game works with: Mini vMac

Microsoft licensed Flight Simulator from developer Sublogic for release as Microsoft Flight Simulator. Meanwhile, Sublogic continued to develop its own versions, from the original Flight Simulator for the Apple II, to Flight Simulator II, which also made its way to many popular consoles from the time.

The Flight Simulator series can be split into several generations, with the original Flight Simulator considered first-generation, and Flight Simulator II for the Apple II and various consoles considered second-generation. The third generation of Flight Simulator was also released as "Flight Simulator II", but for more powerful machines, and with additional functionality and better graphics.

Microsoft Flight Simulator for the Macintosh is technically an adaptation of the second-generation version, but also incorporates some third-generation features. As such, the Macintosh version could be considered "Microsoft Flight Simulator II for the Macintosh"!

There are two websites dedicated to the history of Flight Simulator II, as well as a Wikipedia page on "History of Microsoft Flight Simulator", which details the various generations referred to above.

Historical information, as well as instructions for running Microsoft Flight Simulator for the Macintosh, can be found here.

See also: Microsoft Flight Simulator 4.0


Architecture: 68k

System Requirements

Macintosh 128k, 512k, or Macintosh Plus.
B&W (1-bit) monitor. (External color monitors will not work.)
Disk must be booted from the internal drive.


This crashes if I try to run from my own disk. It is meant to boot from the disk image (in the download). I've not successfully controlled the plane, but you might have some luck. No mouse will appear (at least in my case), so everything is keyboard.

  — Snowyfox16

If the mouse cursor disappears while running Microsoft Flight Simulator in Mini vMac: "That's solved easily by switching to 'full screen' mode (by holding down [Ctrl] and pushing the F key). When switching back to 'normal' or 'magnified' mode the cursor should remain visible."

Comments's picture
by kavanmobile@gma... - 2017, May 15 - 1:54am

I wish there was a way to extract from the emulator or mount a usb floppy to transfer to. This works great for mini vmac but I just wish it worked on a real mac like my SE or ibook.

SkyCapt's picture
by SkyCapt - 2017, May 14 - 4:23am mountable file system error in OSX 10.3

You'll find about zero images of floppy disks from 1986 and older, for System 1-5 is declared at page top, aren't readable by OSX. You could install "MFS Lives" (search for it to find software) on OSX 10.4 Tiger and maybe 10.5 Leopard also, this will enable you to mount images and then access these files using the Finder, but doubtful they can function even in Classic mode. The emulator "Mini vMac" is what this needs.

IIGS_User's picture
by IIGS_User - 2017, May 14 - 4:02am

But this versions gives no mountable file system error in OSX 10.3.

Heard this with a number of other disk images as well, but they works fine within the emulator.'s picture
by kavanmobile@gma... - 2017, May 13 - 8:45pm

Flight simulator 4 works. But this versions gives no mountable file system error in OSX 10.3.

Euryale's picture
by Euryale - 2010, January 21 - 3:01am

Yep, I still have the Apple // version of this,
and it is amazing how Flight Sims have come a long way (and other games)
even though I didn't grow up with that generation,
I look at those Apple // games in Awe and think how much good/great creativity was at that time..

ryoushi's picture
by ryoushi - 2010, January 21 - 2:21am

Wow, I had the Apple II version of this.