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Fantasy Quest

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For System 6.x
This game works with: Mini vMac

While watching TV, you are teleported to a mystical land populated by wizards, witches, warriors, dragons and other strange beings that you must defeat if you will have any hope of returning home.

Fantasy Quest features some of the best graphics ever seen in a World Builder game. More screenshots from the game will be available soon.

The Author devoted 2 years of his spare time creating the world of "Fantasy Quest", pushing the limits of the World Builder development tool.

Fantasy Quest even features a random scenario mode where the game play is different each time, to add to the playability of the game.

Note: Without the hint booklet, it is unlikely that any brave soul who wishes to explore "Fantasy Quest" will complete the game since a map, needed to get through a section of the game, is only available in the hint booklet. To order the hint booklet for a nominal fee of $5, you can contact the author at

Architecture: 68k