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For System 1 - 5
This game works with: Mini vMac

All similarity to actual starships living or dead is purely coincidental.
- Dedication plaque of the starship Essex

Synapse's least literary Electronic Novel develops a familiar setting of turbolifts, transporters, and trilithium crystals. What distinguishes it from the average Star Trek pastiche is that you board the Big E not as captain or crew member, but as part of a tour group. When information crucial to the galaxy's survival falls into your hands, will you be able to convince anyone to listen to you?

As with the other games in this line, the establishing chapters of the story are found in the manual, of which a scan is included thanks to The Museum of Computer Adventure Game History.


We're still searching for a Mac edition of the first Electronic Novel from Synapse, Robert Pinsky's Mindwheel. If you have that disk, please upload it!


Architecture: 68k