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Eric's Ultimate Solitaire CD - full CD with Extras

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Year released:
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de
Ultimate_CD.sit (24.53 MB)
MD5: f237d0370da897ec02035237f9760cbd
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
This game works with: SheepShaver, Basilisk II,

This version of Eric's Ultimate Solitaire CD, is the complete CD featuring the game and its collection of demos.

Most of the notable Delta Tao-released demos include Spaceward Ho!, Polly MacBeep, and Apprentice. It also contains more backgrounds that can be used during Ultimate Solitaire CD play or as a wallpaper.

The game is compatible with Basilisk II and works best with SheepShaver.

If you don't want the full CD, but just the game itself, it is also available here:

The IMG should make it easy for Mac OS 7-9.2.2 to mount it for file management.

Earlier this year, I finally got word from Delta Tao that the company is currently defunct. They been very poor at responding to emails lately.

2018/05/15 edit - The full CD is re-uploaded as a SIT file per request. I used Aladdin StuffIt! 6.5 to compress. The IMG file is removed due to feedback.

Architecture: PPC


MikeTomTom's picture
by MikeTomTom - 2018, May 17 - 12:24am

Sorry about the description, it is not modified. The only problem with that was that the physical CD itself was a hybrid CD with audio tracks.

It is modified, see the top screenshot in this page: (Modified: Mon, May 14, 2018, 6:35 PM).

Please and if you don't mind. Use ImgBurn to archive this CD. As it is a hybrid with audio CD, ImgBurn will likely make a bin/cue archive of the CD (if it doesn't have extra audio tracks then ImgBurn will create a .ISO image instead).

Save the bin/cue (or .iso) to a folder then zip the folder up and upload it to this page.

It doesn't matter that it won't be immediately accessible on a classic Mac OS. We will be able to create a compatible image from this bin/cue and add that to the page too.

The important thing is, that by saving the whole CD even if in bin/cue form, it preserves the original without modification and for future use.

It would be much appreciated if you can do this. Thanks.

[Edit] Just noticed that you replaced the original archive. Thanks. It's now useable on a classic Mac OS. I still would like to see the full CD image up here too. Thanks.

A scanned .jpg of the CD itself would also be a nice addition, if possible.

scott Praed's picture
by scott Praed - 2018, May 16 - 9:55pm

Here is more information on Delta Tao.
Delta Tao Software have not update their webpage in 2012.
no buying because too risky and delta tao email don't work and it bounce. Company is defunct. I send an email to delta tao and it bounce back. I think they are not business in anymore.

quad8's picture
by quad8 - 2018, May 16 - 5:09am

Sorry about the description, it is not modified. The only problem with that was that the physical CD itself was a hybrid CD with audio tracks. Every time I tried to run it on Windows using the latest versions of MacDrive, TransMac, MagicISO, UltraISO, PowerISO, etc., it would come up and it would copy but it would not run on Mac OS. That was why this was difficult. Then I was able to access the files in the CD using TransMac 9.1 on Windows and then everything ran fine on Mac.

eisnerguy1's picture
by eisnerguy1 - 2018, May 16 - 3:18am

Yeah, I'm having the same issues mounting it as a cdrom in SheepShaver or as the .img with Disk Copy. If the original .img could be compressed into a .sit, that'd be great/

SkyCapt's picture
by SkyCapt - 2018, May 15 - 10:06pm

.img files can't be uploaded, they breakdown, the technical reason is they carry a meaningful "resource fork" old Macintosh architecture. Zip and .dmg files are ok to upload but .img needs to be treated with one of many utilities, like make it "" or, better: ".img.sit" (StuffIt fast or no compression) for compatibility with very old Macs.

Oh page descr sez "modified", yeah why & how?

pagan's picture
by pagan - 2018, May 15 - 6:16pm

Why and how is it modified?

MacTouch's picture
by MacTouch - 2018, May 15 - 2:58pm

This image looks invalid & needs to be replaced...

Daxeria's picture
by Daxeria - 2018, May 15 - 5:51am

An ISO image would be preferable to an IMG, so that it can be safely unpacked, emulated, and/or burned to physical media on a non-Mac computer.

mossy_11's picture
by mossy_11 - 2018, May 15 - 5:21am

Disk image isn't working for me. I get mount errors in Sheepshaver. Can you compress it and reupload as .sit or .zip?