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Eco-Adventures in the Rainforest

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MD5: c045d6082aa86081cc3576a576bae553
For System 6.x - System 7.0 - 7.6
This game works with: Mini vMac II

In this arboreal edutainment, you're assigned to photograph a particular species on each outing. The round ends when your mission is fulfilled, but many more points can be had by photographing other animals (and situations that need attention drawn to them).

You don't need to select a subject to photograph it; photos always include the entire contents of the current scene. The Return key is a shortcut for taking pictures, which is useful for capturing valuable motion shots.

When asked a copy protection question, you can use the backdoor password that was built in for teachers with large classes: tiger tiger


This archive does not include disk 4 of 4. However, the first three disks are sufficient to install the game minus its sound effects file, and it seems to be fully playable in that state. If you have a complete copy of this game, please upload it.


Eco-Adventures in the Oceans was a companion game.

Version: 1.40

Architecture: 68k

The monitor must be set to 16 colors. I was able to play it in a custom 'Mac II with 16 colors' variation of Mini vMac, after dismissing an "Abnormal Situation" warning.

A black and white version was published separately, but I have yet to find a copy.