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Dragon's Lair II: Time Warp

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DL2.sit (2.75 MB)
MD5: c358fe82f44da66f367861c367f9ed5a
For System 6.x
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Dirk the Daring is called back into action when his wife Daphne is kidnapped by the evil wizard Mordroc. Encouraged by Daphne's mother (and her rolling pin), Dirk escapes to Singe's old castle, where he finds a time machine, which will take him to different eras and dimensions on the search for his wife.

Dragon's Lair II: Time Warp for home computers adapts parts of stages 1 (escape from Daphne's mother), 2 (prehistoric times), 4 (Garden of Eden), 7 (confrontation with Mordroc) and 8 (final escape) from the arcade game. Gameplay is close to the original - scenes run automatically and the player has to press the right button at the right time (either moving or using Dirk's sword) or die, albeit without the flashing prompts present in the coin-op. All scenes from the original animated film are completely redrawn to fit the limitations of the 16-bit machines. (MobyGames)

The download includes the six floppy disks as Disk Copy 4.2 images.

Also in this series: Dragon's Lair (floppy and CD-ROM versions), Escape from Singe's Castle, The Curse of Mordread

Architecture: 68k