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Dinosaur Museum

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Version 2.0

This CD-ROM program, designed for grades 6 through 12, and presented by the Smithsonian Institution, provides access to illustrations, animations, text, and movies about dinosaurs and the physiography of their world. The program has four rooms. The Museum Room presents lifelike dioramas and exhibit skeletons plus complete information about the size, classification, behavior and fossil distribution of different dinosaurs; the Conservatory features exhibits on the ecology of the Mesozoic Era, extinction theories, dinosaur myths, and a Who's Who in dinosaur discoveries; the Game Room tests students knowledge of what they've learned with games at three levels of difficulty; and the Hall of Fame is reserved for any player who scores 80% or more in the Game Room; and also features 100 of the most extraordinary dinosaur photographs in full screen 3D. Other features include 3D exhibits with view glasses; a dinosaur dictionary; world maps displaying the global distribution of dinosaurs; and taxonomy showing how the dinosaurs were related. (Eisenhower National Clearinghouse)

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