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Democracy.dmg (30.17 MB)
For Mac OS X
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Democracy is a government simulation game in which the player plays as if they are the president or prime minister of a democratic government. The player must introduce and alter policies in seven areas – tax, economy, welfare, foreign policy, transport, law and order and public services. Each policy has an effect on the happiness of various voter groups, as well as affecting factors such as crime and air quality. The player has to deal with "situations", which are typically problems such as petrol protests or homelessness, and also has to make decisions on dilemmas that arise each turn. (Wikipedia)

(v. 1.31)

Architecture: PPC

This is a PPC-only version. Universal binaries came with later versions.

Mac OS X 10.3.9 - 10.4.11

Crashes for me on Mac OS X 10.5.8 and 10.6.8


scott Praed's picture
by scott Praed - 2019, September 6 - 9:37pm

I tested the democracy on mac os x 10.4.11. It works in system but not mac os x 10.5.8. You are right about it not working in mac os x 10.5.8. Also red marble website is working but there are problems on website. Website show errors on top of page. When click on list and click on demo. The website said game is not found and another error. I running the website on Safari 5.0.6.