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MD5: 804633d59d11bbaf690808a47f1b8643
This game works with: Mini vMac

ICOM's Déjà Vu heralded a new age of graphic adventures that were as good-looking and easy to navigate as the Mac itself. This revolution in game design amazed all who witnessed it: the Software Publishers Association named Déjà Vu the Best Entertainment Product of 1985, and then awarded it Best New World on top of that. But this success had an unfortunate side effect: eclipsing the existence of another Mac game released under a nearly identical title only a few months earlier. (I couldn't tell you how many times I saw Rubicon — DéjàVu listed in catalogs and assumed they had some sort of distribution deal with ICOM...)

Rubicon Publishing's DéjàVu is a memory/concentration challenge equipped with five card decks and three degrees of artificial intelligence. There are options for how long a player can take between flipping two cards, and how long a selected pair remains turned over. MacUser gave 4 out of 5 mice to this "well-designed, nicely executed rendition."

The copy-protected master disk depends on custom system fonts for the card faces and invisible text documents for the help screens; it also ejects itself and reboots the machine rather than quit. With all of these issues remedied, the game surprisingly becomes playable—despite some graphical artifacts—all the way to OS X 10.4.11 via Classic mode. I have included here both the original disk (minus copy protection) and a hacked "portable" version.

Version: 2.3

Architecture: 68k


Winterlast's picture
by Winterlast - 2020, December 17 - 8:38pm

Like with many of my uploads, the security bypass was devised in the 1980s by a wizard of antiquity. I merely retraced their footsteps across an image of a retail copy. I'll post the exact steps to follow and some other info in your 68kMLA thread.

Mu0n's picture
by Mu0n - 2020, December 17 - 4:07pm

Is it possible that the copy protection is merely checking for the presence of the hidden files? If so, what utility was used to detect and reveal them? Just plain old ResEdit?

Mu0n's picture
by Mu0n - 2020, December 13 - 2:20pm

Winterlast, I've spent a few hours poring over the code of this game in Resorcerer and stepping through it with TMON and I would absolutely love to learn how you bypassed the security (if it was you)
Thank you for uploading it in any case.