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Deadlock: Planetary Conquest

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Deadlock_1_1b3.sit (562.43 MB)
MD5: dacc72bef236811a72c407ec86cba7d0
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us
Deadlock_1.0.img_.sit (14.28 MB)
MD5: d8c9e8177b9cacf70527c267dfc22ab7
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us (4.74 MB)
MD5: d9b245475300ce445e7b5e5918568d95
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us
This game works with: SheepShaver,

Deadlock: Planetary Conquest is a turn-based strategy game originally developed by Accolade in 1996, and ported to Mac OS by MacSoft in 1997.

Deadlock CD Toast File
Download from 4shared
Macintosh Player's Manual
Download from 4shared
Macintosh Colony Leader's Guidebook
Download from 4shared
Technology Tree
Download from 4shared

The story revolves around seven races' struggle for control over the planet Gallius IV, which came to a deadlock. The races are Human, Cyth, Ch'Cht, Maug, Re'Lu, Uva Mosk, and Tarth each have elaborate backstories and unique strengths, effecting how players are able to use them. The Tarth for instance, are dim-witted military juggernauts with a boosted military, while the sickly Maug have a disadvantage at combat, but can research new technologies much faster than others.

Each faction sends down 500 colonists, and is tasked with building the most successful colony. Success is usually achieved when a set number of city centers have been built, although it can also be achieved by wiping everyone else out.

Within a game, players build up their infrastructure and resource stockpile, manage the moral of their growing population, construct offensive units to strike out against their rivals, and research an elaborate tech-tree of advancements to try and gain an edge.

Deadlock is easy to network, with players able to connect over TCP/IP

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Architecture: 68k PPC


m68k's picture
by m68k - 2020, January 9 - 11:02pm

Sweet Jeez, I was looking for something like this!
Now let's get out the junk food, the soft drinks and let the night be long. Laughing out loud

reukiodo's picture
by reukiodo - 2013, June 25 - 3:31am

Unfortunately, I am not authorized to access
My email is

abasu1979's picture
by abasu1979 - 2013, May 26 - 5:30pm

I will send you a CD of the game, if you send me an e-mail with your address.

(To send me an e-mail, just login, go to the following forum:

scroll down to my comment, and you should find an e-mail option on the top-right corner.)

reukiodo's picture
by reukiodo - 2013, April 27 - 2:37am

Can anyone please re-upload the full toast image?

abasu1979's picture
by abasu1979 - 2012, September 25 - 8:56am

Deadlock has a player's manual, a colony leader's guidebook and a tech tree as separate pdf files. Is there any way of having more than one file shown in the Manual category, (since I've uploaded all three)?

Anyway, I've added a zip file containing the Deadlock Player's Manual, Colony Leader's Guidebook and Tech Tree (all in English) to the Downloads section.

lordyupa's picture
by lordyupa - 2012, May 20 - 3:03pm

My favorite strategy game of all time. Combines elements of Civilization and Sim City to create something endlessly replayable and fun. Better than Alpha Centauri in my personal opinion.

YYsMG's picture
by YYsMG - 2012, April 29 - 10:07am

Has anyone tried the game with sheepshaver?

MCP's picture
by MCP - 2011, January 29 - 3:34pm

Don't know what happened to that first segment; I had it on my hard drive unsegmented, so I had to re-do the whole thing for upload. Anyone downloading segment one now will have to download the remaining two segments for it to work.

IIGS_User's picture
by IIGS_User - 2011, January 16 - 9:10am

Currently, segment 1 is missing...
Could anyone please re-upload it to an external server?

Ubergeneral Grunt's picture
by Ubergeneral Grunt - 2011, January 15 - 7:21pm

I recently opened a fan-site dedicated to Deadlock and Deadlock II at It's not very comprehensive yet, but I will expand it over time.

Ubergeneral Grunt's picture
by Ubergeneral Grunt - 2010, August 9 - 6:41pm

Greatest strategy game ever made. Pity Deadlock II was never ported to the Macintosh.

Attila's picture
by Attila - 2009, September 21 - 4:28pm

The easiest way to open these segments is with drag and drop and Stuffit Expander. Keep an alias of Expander on your desktop, and drag the first segment over it. I think people try to double click on the archive and/or open it in Stuffit Deluxe and it just makes it more confusing.

dom5252's picture
by dom5252 - 2009, September 17 - 4:57pm

Could it be possible, for somebody owning the CD, to upload the full version of the game (which runs perfectly in Classic with OS X) on a torrent site ? Many, many thanks in advance !!!

Attila's picture
by Attila - 2009, August 11 - 2:20am

It's huge, 500+ MB. I won't be uploading it anytime soon.

MacWise's picture
by MacWise - 2009, August 11 - 2:15am

what's uploaded here is actually different from what my CD installs [...] it doesn't have all the music and movies from the CD. They're really quite nice for this game.

How big is the full version? If it's 50 MB more or so then I don't mind if you overwrite this file. But if it's something like 200 MB more then better create a new page for it and leave this one as the trimmed-down version for people like me who prefer small files to save hard drive space on their machines.

Attila's picture
by Attila - 2009, August 10 - 6:22pm

I've had a chance to look this over, and what's uploaded here is actually different from what my CD installs, even though the "read me" file is the same. There are more files included and the application itself has a different modification date. This makes me think it's been patched or cracked somehow, since it definitely doesn't seem to be running in its demo mode. That's a good thing, but where did you get it InkBlot? Just curious. And though it does work, it doesn't have all the music and movies from the CD. They're really quite nice for this game.

MacWise's picture
by MacWise - 2009, August 8 - 12:47am

I'm playing from the Disk Copy image and everything's fine.

Attila's picture
by Attila - 2009, August 7 - 6:18pm

It needs the CD mounted (it does work as a Disk Copy image) to play the full version. Even when stuffed it's well over 500MB. I tried identifying some files it could do without but even then it was still too big. Without the CD it runs as a limited demo.

InkBlot's picture
by InkBlot - 2009, August 7 - 3:39am

So sorry, guys. I guess I never thought if it was the full version or not, though I should have realized. Sad It does work, though.

Attila's picture
by Attila - 2009, August 6 - 11:17pm

It didn't compress hardly at all, from what I remember. I'll see if I can take a look tomorrow when I get some time, though I'm guessing we're out of luck until more space/bandwidth becomes available.

Balrog's picture
by Balrog - 2009, August 6 - 10:56pm

Did you compress it with Stuffit? That usually reduces the size by a good bit.

dom5252's picture
by dom5252 - 2009, August 6 - 10:47pm

Generally, when the img is mounted with Toast, there is no more CD problem ! But 500 MB is a little too heavy.
I was looking for the full version of this game for years, but in the uploaded version, there is no music, no voices and no video... What a pity !! I'm desperate !

Attila's picture
by Attila - 2009, August 6 - 10:23pm

I've got the CD; when I imaged it with Disk Copy it came out to something like 500MB. Didn't really check to see if the version I have could be pared down, but I'm pretty sure it insists on having the CD inserted. Maybe I'll have to take another look. Good game, sort of a cross between Sim City and Civilization.

dom5252's picture
by dom5252 - 2009, August 6 - 9:05pm

Great game !!! Thanks for the upload, but is it the full version ???