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Darts.SIT (34.85 KB)
MD5: 75d1028fc27e0f39cf858507f500a385
For System 6.x
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us
Darts_v1.5.sit (44.90 KB)
MD5: 246e6f288d06e3c82468b069e2b918ff
For System 6.x
This game works with: Mini vMac

A very old darts game.

  • [1st DL]: Darts v1.0 • Spring 1988
  • [2nd DL]: Darts v1.5 • Winter 1990
  • Version changes: v1.5 has slightly improved graphics, the path is better visible when you're throwing a dart. App seems to launch quicker too.

    Architecture: 68k


    MacNiels's picture
    by MacNiels - 2020, March 8 - 11:19pm

    Added v1.5 to the page.

    themacmeister's picture
    by themacmeister - 2010, December 28 - 11:06am

    This is one of the BEST b&w games ever on the Mac - surprisingly challenging, and rewarding.

    This game, Deja-Vu, Mouse Stampede, Missile Command. ALL CLASSICS!

    Snowyfox16's picture
    by Snowyfox16 - 2010, December 28 - 8:19am

    I get really good shots everytime . You have to shoot by dragging from the dots above the screen and aim . But you must have good aim , because if you drag the aim exactly to the spot you wanna hit , it drives off screen .

    watchsmart's picture
    by watchsmart - 2009, July 26 - 11:29am

    Seems to run okay in Mini vMac with system 6. That said, I cannot figure out how to hit the board. Sad