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CyberNation.SIT (337.10 KB)
MD5: d6863688028940909d88246939a8f896
For System 6.x - Mac OS 9
This game works with: SheepShaver,

You are Arnie the cyborg, awaiting destruction after humans discover they have to destroy the factory to save the world from future destruction (if this sounds familiar, it's purely coincidental Smile.

You have decided to escape CyberNation, the factory where Cyborgs are made. However, to ensure total security, CyberNation is inhabited by a number of other cybernetic organisms which are willing to trade their lives for the plant's safety. They are programmed to see you as a threat and will do everything in their power to stop you.

You can only leave through Level 4 of the plant and, naturally, you start at Level 1.

This is the unregistered version. Registered users received a disk containing CyberNation Deluxe, as well as Galaxian and Frogger clones by the same author as exclusive bonus games. Does anyone have the registered version to upload?

Architecture: 68k

Set monitor to 256 colors before launching.


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by watchsmart - 2009, May 4 - 3:29pm

I was only able to get this one running in SheepShaver with Mac OS 8.6. It wouldn't run in Basilisk II with Mac OS 7.

Edit: Replaced 'xxx 7' with 'Mac OS 7' - IIGS User