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Counting On Frank

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Counting_on_Frank.iso_.sit (161.70 MB)
MD5: eb41fcd0e853af81ce39f23a5dafb0a0
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
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Based on the book of the same name by Rod Clement, Counting on Frank is a point and click game which has the user guessing the number of jelly beans at the local store in order to win a trip to Hawaii for the main character, a boy named Henry and his dog Frank. Clues as to that number are gained by going through the town (store and park) and Henry's house and completing math challenges. Challenges are word problems with settings that can be set by the user to increase difficulty (one-step, two-step or multi-step problems) as well changing the variables to yield different results (13.5 foot tall Henry vs 58.5 foot tall Henry). Henry travels to 8 areas in search of clues: Store, Park, Front Yard, Living Room, Kitchen, Bathroom, Henry's bedroom and finally Henry's Treehouse. In each area that Henry travels to there are a number of amusing things to click on that will perform actions. After all clues have been gathered Henry travels to his Treehouse in order to put the clues together and the game ends back at the store to make his final guess. Upon a correct guess Henry is shown in Hawaii and the game ends. (MobyGames)

Architecture: 68k PPC

SSW 7.0.1
256 colours required