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Command & Conquer: C&C Edit 0.9ß6

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For Mac OS 8 - 8.1 - Mac OS 9
This game works with: SheepShaver,

C&C Edit is a multi-purpose tool developed for the Macintosh version of Command & Conquer. In general, it is used to view and extract the contents of *.MIX files, which are actually document archives used by Westwood to store the game's various assets.

Although it can in theory extract any file from a MIX archive, C&C Edit's primary purpose is the extraction of *.BIN and *.INI files, with the former storing a map's terrain data, and the latter storing a map's mission data (including all units, structures, and other parameters). These could then be modified via a text editor or some other program, and then re-inserted into the appropriate MIX archive. It can also be used to preview BIN files within the application itself.

Like many fan-made modding tools developed for Mac C&C, C&C Edit was left in an unfinished state by its author, with several forthcoming features alluded to in its documentation and from within the application itself. However, it is the only application for the Macintosh platform that does what it does, and it is practically required for anyone interested in creating custom missions for Mac C&C.

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Architecture: PPC

Upon opening a BIN file from within C&C Edit, the user will be prompted to locate the various theater files located on either of the C&C game discs.

These files are not included for download.