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Cocoa DR3

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For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
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Guides on emulating older games

What is today known as Creator originally started as a project by Allen Cypher and David Canfield Smith in Apple's Advanced Technology Group (ATG) known as KidSim. As the name implies, it was intended to allow kids to construct their own simulations, reducing the programming task to something that anyone could handle. Programming in Creator uses graphical rewrite rules augmented with non-graphical tests and actions.
In 1994, Kurt Schmucker became the project manager, and under him, the project was renamed Cocoa, and expanded to include a Netscape plug-in. It was also repositioned as "Internet Authoring for Kids.", the Internet being all the rage at the time. The project was officially announced on May 13, 1996. There were three releases:
DR1 (Developer Release 1) on October 31, 1996
DR2 in June, 1997
DR3 in June, 1998
In 1997, Steve Jobs started his takeover of Apple and began dismantling a number of non-productive departments. One of these was the ATG; apparently no surprise to anyone working there. Several ATG employees, including Larry Tesler, Cypher, and Smith, left to form Stagecast Software after retaining the rights to the Cocoa system.
Apple went on to reuse the Cocoa name for the entirely unrelated Cocoa application framework, originally OpenStep. The naming was something of a surprise in the development community, but was apparently due to time constraints—it was easier to reuse an already-registered name than to register a new term. Unfortunately, this makes it somewhat difficult to find information about the original Cocoa effort.

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