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Close Combat

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CloseCombat.sit (20.73 MB)
MD5: e050d7d45d4c6840197c75f9550c06c8
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GameRanger support: 1.0
GameRanger crossplay: No.

Architecture: PPC


MikeTomTom's picture
by MikeTomTom - 2014, August 21 - 12:34am

@Minimum91: Bertyboy's (now 5 years old) comment was made back when the Garden began asking for (& accepting) donations to help fund its servers and bandwidth and to consolidate its options (re seeding, etc). He wasn't being too out of line by suggesting it; At that point in time.

Now that p2p is no longer an issue in DL this game and you are able to retrieve a copy directly from here. Please leave it at that.

Minimum91's picture
by Minimum91 - 2014, August 20 - 4:37pm

It's been a while, saw the response just now. Ok, now how come donating 120$ will guarantee seeders? I'm no american and I don't have cash to throw around, but somehow I managed to seed my torrents for over six years now without a single donation, now how is that? Sorry for the off topic in the game comment section, but that reply = 0.

jairob's picture
by jairob - 2009, October 24 - 1:49am

I download it quickly. But still haven't managed to install the emulator correctly.

bertyboy's picture
by bertyboy - 2009, September 3 - 9:03pm

Unliucky. But it's the same for all of us.

Have you uploaded any games or apps yet ? to help preserve Macintosh software.

Or if you donated, say $120, to the bandwidth costs for the site, the torrents may suddenly all become available.

Minimum91's picture
by Minimum91 - 2009, September 3 - 7:05pm

Nice one! Another game with a dead torrent. nice guys. So far Zero of the games I've tried downloading are actually downloading.

CB60's picture
by CB60 - 2009, August 19 - 2:47am


Minimum91's picture
by Minimum91 - 2009, August 19 - 1:29am

Is this a demo or a full version?